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Download - Bobcat Sponsorship Named N-Z

$25.00 USD

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This sponsorship kit is a download.  You will not receive a printed sponsorship kit in the mail.  Choose a cat to sponsor and a sponsorship amount from the drop-down boxes above. After check out, you will receive a link.  Click on the link to download and print your sponsorship kit. You will be able to download and print a 4-page info sheet with fun facts about tigers, an 8x10 sponsorship photo featuring the cat you choose, and a sponsorship certificate with a blank to fill in your name (or someone else's if gifting) as the sponsor.

Big Cat Rescue’s residents have moved to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas. At a huge initial expense Big Cat Rescue funded the construction of all of the new enclosures for our cats at TCWR’s Freedom Field. These enclosures have large natural open spaces as well as smaller areas where they are fed that have heated dens. The servals, caracals and elderly bobcats have access to heated buildings. Each and every little cat toy also made the trip now providing our remaining small cats with lots of fun things to play with. You can read more about the move at BigCatRescue.org/moving 

In addition Big Cat Rescue is committed to providing the ongoing costs of care for all of our cats for the remainder of their lives. Sponsorship donations made to Big Cat Rescue help us to meet this commitment

Choose your favorite Bobcat: 

Nabisco, born 2016, orphaned bobcat due to forest fire then rescued from a failed sanctuary in South Dakota.

Philmo, born 2016, rescued from a sanctuary that closed following the founder's retirement.

Shiloh, born 2008, rescued from a sanctuary that closed following the founder's retirement.

Sioux, born 2013, rescued from Mobile Zoo shut down following animal cruelty charges.

Summer, born July 2021, orphaned wild bobcat, non-releasable due to various unknown health issues such as a congenital defect that has limited her growth and has caused her difficulty in eating whole prey to survive in the wild.

Smalls, born 2013, orphaned wild bobcat rescued from drowning then later rescued from a failed sanctuary in South Dakota.

Val, born 2017, non-releasable wild bobcat due to multiple severe injuries.

For bobcats with names A - M click HERE

All kits include the following that you can download and print:

  • Four page color fact sheet about your chosen species 
  • Sponsorship certificate photo with a blank to fill in your name
  • 8x10 photo of your sponsored cat
  • Financial breakdown of how your donation helps the cats
  • Sponsored cat rescue story

    Your sponsorship in the amounts listed below help us to provide these cats with large natural enclosures, a healthy diet, exceptional veterinary care, and plenty of toys!   Every kit comes with the same benefits. Thank you for helping us care for the cats!

    $25 SUPPORTER - Cares for a bobcat for 3 days

    $50 BIG CAT FRIEND - Cares for a bobcat for 6 days

    $100 BIG CAT PROTECTOR - Cares for a bobcat for 12 days

    $250 BIG CAT CONSERVATOR - Cares for a bobcat for 1 Month

    $500 BIG CAT WARRIOR - Cares for a bobcat for 2 Months

    $1000 BIG CAT HERO - Cares for a bobcat for 4 Months

    $2500 BIG CAT CHAMPION - Cares for a bobcat for 10 Months

    $5000 KING OF BEASTS - Cares for a bobcat for 1.5 Years