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Wood - Manny Jaguar Paw Print Wildcat Clawed Wood Plaque

$75.00 USD

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These conversation pieces will add a unique touch to your home decor. Wood art piece is made from the salvaged wood of platforms in the wildcat enclosures at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL. The wild cats claw and scratch their platform jungle gyms and occasionally boards or entire platforms require replacing. The most intricately clawed boards are repurposed and made into one of a kind handicrafts. Each piece is unique and scratch patterns vary.

This reclaimed wood was salvaged from Manny Jaguar's enclosure and is embellished with his paw print created using a stencil of an actual paw print collected during a vet procedure. Pawprints are available in two color options; Sky Blue and Jungle Green.

Includes a matted 4 x 6 photo of Manny.

- 5.5 inches wide by 8 inches high by 2 inches deep
- wood deck board
- ready to hang