Photo - Zabu Stalk Download or Matted Print

Jamie Veronica

$1.00 USD 


Download - What you get: Web size is 72 DPI and approximately the size as shown here. Print sizes are 4 inches by 6 inches and 300 DPI or 8 inches by 10 inches and 300 DPI (depending on which one you choose) and may take a while to download on dial up. After you pay you will receive an email with a link to download the image. No photo will be mailed to you.

Matted Print - What you get: 4x6 color print with black mat (finished size 5x7), 5x7 color print with black mat (finished size 8x10), 8x10 color print with black mat (finished size 11x14), 11x14 color print with black mat (finished size 16x20)

What you can do with the photo: You may use this photo for your private enjoyment and as part of any school or class project as long as you give photo credit to the photographer, if listed above, and to You may use this for news articles, story illustrations, personal calendars, personal web sites and for the purpose of creating your own photo tee shirts, mugs, etc. All we ask is that you make it clear to everyone where the photo came from and that you only use it in ways that encourage respect for animals.

What you can not do with the photo: You may not take credit for having photographed or possessed the animal. You may not use it in any way that promotes degradation to big cats, such as a zoo, circus, animal act, animal show, animal display,game farm, fur farm or any sort of exotic animal hunting. You may not sell the photo or any product bearing the image without the written consent of the photographer or Big Cat Rescue.

Most of the images you see in books, calendars and virtually everywhere that are of exotic cats were taken on game farms. In most cases the big cats live in tiny cages and are only taken out for photo shoots. They are often drugged, wired or chained in place and they are bred indiscriminately because people want to photograph cute babies. The adults are discarded and end up in canned hunts where they are killed for a fee or worse. Big Cat Rescue hopes to end the demand for these types of game farms by providing affordable wildcat photos for every purpose. Your support of this site and recommendation to others can end the suffering and abuse. The photographers who have donated the use of their photos to this purpose are doing their part to protect the big cats and we encourage you to support them when you need other types of imagery. All of the photos on these pages are of the cats of Big Cat Rescue where they live year round in their beautiful enclosures and are free to choose if they will be seen or if they wish to remain hidden when photographers are near.

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