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Key Chain - Carabiner

$1.00 USD $3.00 USD

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  • Big Cat Rescue Carabiners are pretty and practical.
  • 3" carabiner has a web strap and is etched with the words Big Cat Rescue.
  • They have high-quality springs and gates
  • Opens and closes smoothly and strong each time.
  • Made with tough, high-strength, anodized aluminum.
  • Available in: Black, Purple, Gold, Blue

This is a Big Cat Rescuer Staff Pick Favorite because we have to carry a lot of keys and using the different colors for different areas of the sanctuary is very helpful.

Hold your keys in big cat style with this keychain that keeps all of your keys on one key ring, or divide up the weight and bulk of multiple keys by having a different key chain for each set of keys to the important things in your life that should be kept locked.