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International Tiger Day

For International Tiger Day on July 29th, Big Cat Rescue is working to raise crucial funds to continue our support of the Corbett Foundation, a non-government organization solely committed to the conservation of wildlife, working in some of the most important habitats in India. 

Around the outskirts of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve (BTR), which holds one of the highest populations of Tigers known in India, it is common for villagers to build open farm wells to obtain water. These are ground-level deep holes. They become a death trap for tigers and leopards chasing prey at night who fall into them and drown. Currently, around 2500 of them exist in BTR. 

The simple solution is to build a fence around the wells, but the villagers do not have the $330 required to build these. In the past Big Cat Rescue has been able to donate funds to fence in 56 wells.  This year with your help our fundraising goal is to raise $10,000 to complete 30 more! 

You can show your support by purchasing any of this ITD 2021 merchandise, featuring a unique design that we know you'll be proud to own!

100% of the profit from merchandise sales will be donated to Corbett just in time for International Tiger Day, and every dollar counts. To whatever extent that you can, thanks for helping us save the lives of these magnificent animals in the wild!

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