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Wishlist - Flea Treatment

$15.00 USD

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Wishlist Item: Revolution Flea Treatment

Each month every cat at Big Cat Rescue is treated to prevent fleas.  These treatments are a huge expense and cost nearly $2,800 each month! You can help the cats stay flea free by sponsoring a flea treatment.  Sponsor a flea treatment for one cat or all of them! $15 is the cost of one treatment for a; Bobcat, Canada Lynx, Caracal, Siberian Lynx, Ocelot, Sand Cat, or Serval. $30 is the cost of one treatment for a; Cougar or Leopard. $60 is the cost of one treatment for a; Lion or Tiger. Note: You will not receive this item. By "purchasing" this item, you are donating the funds necessary for Big Cat Rescue to purchase items such as this from our own vendors.

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