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Donation - International Tiger Day 2022

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Please join Big Cat Rescue in raising funds for International Tiger Day 2022, to continue our support of The Corbett Foundation protecting Tigers in India, and also support our own tiger residents! With your help we are hoping to raise funds to support boots on the ground frontline forest rangers in Pench Tiger Reserve. Pench Tiger Reserve is one of the most premier and critical habitats for Tigers in Central India and faces threats from Poaching, habitat loss and habitat fragmentation.

The frontline personnel work in extremely harsh and dense forest conditions, with meager resources in an effort to protect Tigers, their prey and the habitat. Funds from this International Tiger Day will go towards providing them with essentials such as proper footwear, flashlights, raincoats, mosquito nets, filters for drinking water and field kits that would make their living conditions more comfortable and much safer!

Big Cat Rescue's Tigers - Alongside contributing to In Situ conservation, we are hoping to raise funds to replace and repair numerous Tiger Platforms for our residents here at Big Cat Rescue! Our Big Cats love their platforms to lounge in the sun or survey their surroundings, but over time they become worn and need adjustments as the cats age.
We make modifications to add lower levels, ramps and siding while replacing posts and boards that have fallen victim to their teeth, claws and the Florida weather. As the price of wood and building supplies continue to increase it makes this project that much more expensive! Thank you for your support for the 2022 International Tiger Day!